About Us

Reliance Beauty & Health (RBH) is a well-established private label manufacturer & exporter of skin care and makeup products, based in Guangzhou, South China. Our strength lies in the combination of technical expertise, research and development, effective customer service, and commitment to the success of our customers. Our range of business covers across Europe, United States, Canada, South America, Middle East and Asia.

We are committed to developing products that ride the latest technology and feature innovative ideas that will keep your business ahead of the competition. Our internal lab works effortlessly to combine new trends, ingredients, and techniques to efficiently meet the requests of our clients.

Whether you are just starting a skincare business or redeveloping your existing product line, you can rest assured that we will develop the best private label cosmetics for your brand.


Our focus is on developing outstanding products
and build exceptional brands.

We can meet your cosmetic needs
with ready to go and customized science-based formulas
and provide the broadest products portfolio.



Science, creativity and high technology are behind our make up and color cosmetics broad offer.

Discover our multitude of colors, textures and sensory experiences.

We offer a large range of primers, foundations, concealers, mascaras, eyeliners, eye shadow, lipsticks and natural powders.

Why Choose Us

A wide knowledge to help you create your own beauty products

If you’re looking to outsource the entire process of creating and manufacturing a new cosmetic, along with filling, assembly, and packaging, our experts are here to guide you step by step until you achieve the result you want. We are ready to become partners and share our know-how with you.

We work collaboratively with clients on turning new concepts into products, from the marketing concept through development, and from production through sales. We are adaptable and innovative, can respond quickly to client needs in product and package design, as well as branding and positioning.

A wide knowledge to help you create your own beauty products

Innovation keeping your business ahead of the competition

Trend scouting and beauty scenario monitoring allows RBH to foresee and develop new products that embrace the hottest trends and cutting-edge technology and will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Our experts build the internal product development pipeline, which includes stock and custom formulations, with the knowledge that innovation and newness represents around 20-25% of all new growth every year. The most successful products on the market are the ones that perform the latest innovations in ingredient design, product development, packaging and storytelling.

Innovation keeping your business ahead of the competition

As your partner we will work together with you to bring these innovations to life. When you work with RBH, you gain access to our state-of-the-art internal lab, plus valuable consumer insight and industry expertise that allows for the development of exciting new products and unique collections that are sure to set your brand up for success – propelling you toward distribution opportunities and profitability.


In-House Quality Control & Testing

In-House Quality Control & Testing

In-House R&D and Professional Chemist Team

In-House R&D and Professional Chemist Team

Extensive Library Of Private Label Formulas

Extensive Library Of Private Label Formulas

GMP and ISO22716 Certified

Our manufacturing plant are both GMP and ISO22716 certified, attesting to our advanced scientific know-how and thorough quality control validation steps, ensuring you only receive products of the highest caliber. We always strictly respect regulatory and quality assurance requirements throughout the entire production process to guarantee optimal standards and product safety.

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Our Vision, Our Future

We want to be the most sought after and desired private label cosmetic manufacturer in the beauty industry. We always work hard to reach the highest standards and discover new solutions to offer to our customers. We are dedicated to transform your cosmetic lines into beloved and successful beauty brands.

Our Mission

Optimize customer benefits by bringing them premium quality products.

Our Core Values



Customer Oriented




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